Environmental, Health and Safety Liabilities

Tanzania has extensive environmental laws, which directly or indirectly affects projects. Our lawyers provide advisory services on project related environmental aspects such as (1) conducting environmental impact assessments, (2) water resources management, (3) forests management, (4) marine parks conservation, (5) national parks and game reserves conservation,  (6) litigation related to environmental matters, (7) brownfields development, (8) waste disposal, (9) insurance coverage, (1) environmental remediation.

On occupational health a safety, we advise our clients on (1) the statutory requirements of occupational health and safety, (2) the duties of the owner, occupier, employer, and employee (3) criminal and civil liabilities on the owner, employer and occupier, (4) workplace registrations and inspections, (5) registration and inspections of lifting appliances, (6) first aid requirements, and (7) statutory compensation issues. Generally, assist our clients to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2003, etc.


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