Conducting Due Diligence

We believe that, mergers and acquisitions transactions, whether structured as asset, business or share sale, are fraught with risks that require dedicated expert’s evaluation. These risks include the likelihood of initiation of litigations and adverse effects thereof; risk of assets and/or shares seizure or attachment; risk of a transaction invalidation; risk of tax, administrative or criminal liability; risk of intellectual property invalidation (trade mark, patents, industrial design, etc.); risk of non-obtaining or loss of the relevant permits, licenses and approvals, etc.

In avoiding or minimizing these risks, we assist the parties in conducting legal due diligence investigation. During the due diligence investigation, the we assist our clients in, among others, establishing whether all legal requirements have been met in registering the company; evaluating the liability of the company with respect to the existent obligations; establishing availability of the rights to property and shares; establishing availability of licenses and permits; checking the structure of the company and compliance with filing requirements; ensuring observance by the company of labor and environmental laws; establishing existence of disputes and disagreements with third parties, involvement of the company in legal proceedings. We also provide advice on the best ways of resolving potential legal problems (such as tax, competition, insurance, intellectual property employee benefits, labor, environmental, liability exposure, real estate, and governmental and other consent/approval issues).


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