Mining is increasingly becoming the leading sector in Tanzania in terms of exports. During the last ten years Tanzania has witnessed high growth in mining sector. Reputable mining companies such as Acacia and Ashanti Anglo-Gold are operating large-scale mines in Tanzania. The main legislation under which mining activities are regulated in Tanzania is the Mining Act, 2010. Other relevant statutes include Income Tax Act, 2004; Environment Management Act, 2004, Tanzania Investment Act, 1997, etc.

Recognizing the increasing importance of mining sector, Lawcastles provides advisory services on key legal issues concerning mining tenements; registration, compensation, mortgage and other dealings in mining tenements; mergers and acquisitions advice in respect of mining assets; employee relations; foreign investment approvals; mine development, construction and engineering, operations and manufacturing, mining and haulage; environmental issues; taxation issues; negotiating and drafting joint venture agreements, and arrangements for joint ventures for the exploration, development and operation of mineral and petroleum resources.


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