Permits and Licences

In almost all types of businesses, there are permits and licenses which need to be granted by the relevant authorities. Lawcastles assists investors and businesses to obtain all relevant permits and licenses. Our approach in every situation is, first, to develop a catalogue of permits and licenses required in a particular business. After developing a catalogue, we then develop a schedule on timing of the respective permit or license. In a power projects for example, the scheduling entails identifying permits and licenses required before start of construction, after construction and during operation.

For purely trading businesses, we assist our clients to obtain permits required for importation of particular products in Tanzania. We can generally assist in almost every area. Examples of the areas in which importation permits are required are pre-packaged food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In oil and gas sector, importation permits are required for chemicals, radioactive equipment and materials, explosives, etc.

All in all, our firm is very skilled in handling permits and licenses issues. We understand our clients’ requirements and we give proper attention to their needs.


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